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About me

This is me,

I do a lot of this...


And this...


I can't pinpoint exactly when I knew that I wanted to dedicate my 20's to scaring the living daylights out of my parents, I just know that there was a wild feeling in my bones that I couldn't shake. I had big dreams with small money, but I was stubborn as hell and dead set on seeing the world.

And this...


And don't tell
my mom, but I also do this...


Choosing to write about my shenanigans came later, but I've tried to make this blog a place of inspiration, information, and most of all, a collection of my most cherished experiences. When I first set out on this journey I was focused on spending as much time abroad as possible— I spent my winters traveling (and fumbling through an International Studies degree), replenished my savings account by river guiding each summer, then hopped on a plane each fall to do it all over again. I was obsessed with budget travel and oftentimes got by on just $15 a day. My passion for seeing the world and immersing myself in different cultures slowly morphed and began including top-notch adrenaline-filled adventures. I started seeking out all sorts of wild activities and experiences. From volcano boarding in Nicaragua to deep-sea rock climbing in Thailand, I've accumulated plenty of stories and scars! 


So, you'll find a little bit of everything here— budget travel guides, advice for planning your own trips, tales of grand adventures, and the occasional glimpse into the mind of a young adult who refuses to settle for anything less than a lifetime full of "hell yes!". 

The majority of my blog posts were first posted on the original Wandering With Carly site. That site experienced a terrible crash and most of the content fell into the deep dark internet abyss, never to be seen again. I've been working to slowly re-upload my original content onto this site, so, many of the posts that you see were first written 7-10 years ago. I've chosen not to edit my old posts (as weird and/or outdated as they may be now)  to preserve the feelings that I experienced as a young adult. 

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